Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Wellbeing and Mental Health

The wellbeing of our pupils is at the core of everything we do as a school. We strongly believe that our children need to feel emotionally and mentally healthy before they can be expected to achieve their potential. Pupils at Oasis Academy Harpur Mount know that we all have a mental health and that sometimes when it is not feeling well, we need support with getting better. We have many things in place to offer our children to promote positivity and wellbeing. Some of those things are: 

-A trauma informed approach as a school, to support our children through any difficulties they may have experienced

-‘Restorative Justice’ which is a talking tool to allow children to repair a situation they have been involved in

-Staff members who are Mental Health First Aiders who are there to support anyone who requires it

-Three nurture rooms: Positive Mind Room, Moonlight Room and Rainbow Room which are resourced and designed to support children’s wellbeing

-A PSHE curriculum which embeds learning about mental health and wellbeing, amongst all other important content

-Resilience groups that empower our children to understand their own feelings and reactions

-We offer parent/family resilience groups in our community hub to support families

-Mental health check-in charts in every classroom so that children can communicate regularly but subtly with their teacher about how they are feeling

-Calm down reflection areas outside each classroom so that children can take some quiet time out and think through their emotions with a worry monster in hand

Our academy prides itself on having a nurturing, holistic approach to guiding each and every child to be the best that they can be. Our amazing relationships, spaces and directed wellbeing support reflect our universal ethos of ensuring our pupils' wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do.