Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

British Values

All schools have a duty to promote equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, colour, religion or sexual orientation. At Oasis Academy Harpur Mount we want all our pupils to become responsible members of an inclusive society and harmonious local community.

Running through the whole of our curriculum, we encourage children to be honest citizens, who value diversity and develop a proper sense of society and belonging. The ultimate aim is that they are ready for the next stage of their lives in modern Britain and consequently conform to the British values of:

  • democracy and the rights of all to be involved in decision making
  • the rule of law, respect for others and their property
  • individual liberty, freedom of speech and opinion
  • mutual respect for people with different beliefs to your own
  • tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Examples of how we manage this, areas follows:

Year 1

  • The children know the school rules and understand the rewards and consequences for their actions based on the school behaviour system.
  • They will also learn about the rule of law in our ‘light and dark’ topic when we learn about Guy Fawkes.
  • The children are taught mutual respect in PSHE and through our grandparents topic where we are learning about different generations of people.
  • We are learning to tolerate other faiths and religions when we study Diwali as part of our light and dark topic.
  • Our children are encouraged to be responsible for their own book bags, reading books and homework. The children are regularly told that this is their job to remember these items and not that of their parents! Children are also made to be responsible for their own behaviour.
  • We engage parents by operating an open door policy in the morning through which the parent can see what the children are doing and help them.
  • We send homework, a weekly newsletter and invite parents to the celebration assembly each week.
  • Year 1 have been introduced to democracy through regular opportunities to vote, e.g. for when they have playtime/snack or to choose a book for us to read.

Year 2

  • Democracy is covered through our Emmeline Pankhurst topic. We also cover this through our Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole debate.
  • We cover ‘The rule of law’ by talking about the school rules every day and the importance of following rules.
  • ‘Individual liberty’ is covered through the Emmeline and Florence Nightingale topic ,
  • ‘Mutual respect’ is covered through our PSE/SMSC circle times and also our Oasis Ethos topics which we cover once a half term.
  • We cover ‘Tolerance of those of different faiths’ in our RE lessons once a week. We teach children about all different faiths, a different one each half term.
  • ‘Justice’ is taught during our Florence Nightingale and Emmeline Pankhurst topic, as are ‘Fairness’ and ‘Equality’.
  • We also look at ‘equality’ when we talk about our Oasis ethos.
  • We talk about ‘responsibility’ daily as we have a new class champion each day. The class champions are given different tasks throughout the day.
  • ‘Tolerance’ is talked about when we look at the Oasis Ethos ‘Respecting differences’.
  • ‘Entrepreneurship’ is covered regularly through class competitions. The children have a chance to have a place on the school council to express their ‘pupil voice’. Children share their ideas and contribute their ideas in every lesson.
  • We send out weekly newsletters to encourage parental engagement. When we teach poetry we are going to be inviting parents to watch the children read their poems. We liaise with teaching assistants/volunteers/lunchtime organisers on a daily basis.

Year 3

  • School council
  • RE curriculum
  • Fundraising events – Red Nose Day
  • Ethos Values
  • PHSE ( Food/Developing Communication Skills/Clean Water)
  • In science we will look at Entrepreneurship through toys
  • We will learn about responsibility through the Rainforest topic (geography) and Living things (Science)
  • We will look at democracy through the Romans.

Year 4

  • Democracy through Ethos and pupil voice activities, including school council, pirates, votes in class, talk partners and school rules.
  • The rule of law, including Justice and Fairness, again through Ethos and pupil voice activities, and also through our history topics, Ancient Egyptians, Anglo-Saxons and Mexico. Also through R.E, through our weekly swimming visits and any school trips.
  • Individual liberty will also be taught through our history topics of Ancient Egyptians, Anglo-Saxons and Mexico and RE.
  • Mutual respect and Tolerance of those different faiths and beliefs will be encouraged through the teaching of RE, Ethos, Class rules, school rules and our Mexico and Anglo-Saxons topics, learning to live alongside others.
  • Equality and equity will be taught through R.E and PSHE activities and through our Ancient Egyptians, Anglo-Saxons and Mexico topics.
  • Responsibility is encouraged daily as part of our school rules but also through our Living things topic and though PSHE and Entrepreneurship is encouraged through both our competitions held through the year and through our charity events, giving children opportunities to develop their own ideas to raise money for charity.
  • Parental engagement is encouraged daily through our availability for discussion with parents, through our newsletter charities, school council and parent classes (mosaic mentoring).

Year 5

  • Urban Crew – A number of children spend time throughout their day looking after our school and the local environment. This promotes responsibility and spreads it to every member of Year 5. Also Entrepreneurship is a vital part throughout the Urban Crew sessions as they have tasks to complete and things to sell.
  • School council- We have two members of class to promote democracy by airing the views of everyone within school council meetings.
  • We have a charity where we ask for parents help and support to raise as much as we can.
  • We send weekly newsletters so that parents are involved with our weekly learning and can help prepare for the following week.
  • We will promote tolerance throughout our black history month topic.
  • Throughout our How it works topic we will be covering equality, fairness and entrepreneurship.
  • We also completed a Bikeability course which has allowed the children to learn a vital skill and taught them tolerance and responsibility while out on their bikes.

Year 6

  • British Values are covered through a variety of topics. Including: Nelson Mandela which deals with democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance. Through this topic we develop children’s understanding of these values and closely link them to our school ethos.
  • Our Oasis Values are taught daily but also enhanced through our Global partnership with Mozambique where issues such as justice, fairness, equality and equity are discussed at length.
  • Pupils in Year 6 are regularly engaged in pupil voice activities through discussion and school council meetings.
  • Mainly through weekly RE and SMSC activities the importance of tolerance and different faiths and beliefs is emphasised.