Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Reopening of school on the 8th March

Please click the link below to read the latest covid update on our return after half term 

Primary Parents letter - Covid - 22-10-21


Reopening of school on the 8th March

3rd  March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Primary – March Return

Further to my letter last week confirming the re-opening on Monday 8th March please see below some further guidance. You will note that these are very similar to the arrangements we had in place in September. The biggest changes you will note will be around the school day timings, the playground space now being opened up and face coverings being encouraged.


1.    Attendance

The Government’s guidance is clear that students are expected to attend school on Monday 8th March.  This means that parents have a duty to ensure that their child regularly attends school, and that schools have a responsibility to record attendance and follow up absence. We are here to support you with this.


2.    Social Distancing and ‘bubbles’

For primary-aged pupils, there is no in-class social distancing required and children will continue to be in a year group bubble. Social distancing between adults will still continue.

There will also be notices reminding students about the need for good respiratory hygiene (catch it/bin it /kill it) and we will ensure ventilation wherever possible.


3.    Amended start and end times dependent on year grounp– see table below

Each year group bubble will have a start and finish time-either 8:45 or 8:55 then 3:00 or 3:10. It is important pupils are dropped off in their allotted time slot so as not to be in contact for long periods of time with pupils outside of their bubble. Please only arrive for your drop off time. When dropping or collecting your child you will now be able to come into the school grounds to the allotted area to avoid adults gathering at the gates and to ensure we use all our space wisely. If possible, please wear a face-covering when on school site or close to other parents and families. 

As before, children with siblings in school are to come in together at the earliest time slot and enter together through the same door for the earliest child where all children can then enter. Although, at home time we ask for siblings to be collected from their exit door at the finish time for that year group. Siblings will no longer finish at the same time. The time difference will only be a maximum of 10 minutes. Please be aware of social distancing whilst dropping off your child/children and picking them up, and do not gather close to the school gates or on the playground. Our playground is a large space so if you’re waiting for another child in your family then please use the space. Signs will be up to help with new entry/exit points.



Start Time and location

End time and location


8:55 Nursery doors


3:00 Nursery doors


8:45 Reception doors + siblings


3:00 Reception doors

Year 1

8:45 Year 1 doors + siblings


3:00 Year 1 doors

Year 2

8:55 Back playground entrance


3:10 Back playground –EYFS side door

Year 3

8:45 Back playground entrance


3:00 Back playground door

Year 4

8:55 Main entrance


3:10 Main entrance

Year 5

8:45 Main entrance


3:00 Main entrance

Year 6

8:55 Main entrance



3:10 Main entrance


4.    Reduced access to outdoor visitors

To help us reduce the risk of infection, we are asking parents to communicate with us via the telephone 0161 205 4993, via seesaw or email   


5.    Hygiene and cleaning

We will ensure that pupils and staff understand that good hygiene is everyone’s responsibility and that we are all responsible for each other’s health.

We will maintain intensified cleaning routines with a focus on regularly wiping down door handles and hard surfaces. As per normal, the academy will be cleaned every day and there will be disinfectant sprays and paper for cleaning purposes in each classroom and around the academy. We will continue to have cleaners on site during the school day.


6.    Cleaning hands

Everyone will be asked to clean their hands thoroughly and more often than usual. This can be done with soap and water or hand sanitiser. Pupils will clean their hands (minimum):

·         when they arrive at the school

·         when they return from breaks

·         before and after eating


7.    Risk assessments

The thorough risk assessment we follow has been developed from the Government and with detailed guidelines from the Oasis Community Learning.   Our completed risk assessment will be signed off by the Oasis national leadership team along with myself as Principal, and will remain under constant review as we monitor our progress.


8.    Face Coverings

Pupils in primary school do not need to wear a face covering in school. 

If your child wears a face covering on the way to school, they must remove them on arrival and wash their hands.

We ask that now we have opened up a wider space in our community that face coverings are worn by adults where possible.    


9.    Water bottles/other equipment and uniform

Pupils are required to bring in their own water bottle for their individual use. These must be labelled and can be re-filled during the day. 

Pupils should not bring in any unnecessary equipment into school. We will be giving pupils their own pens and pencils to use while they are at school and these will be dedicated for their personal use. PE lessons will take place and children can continue to wear trainers on the days they take part in lessons. Birthday treats can be brought into school, however, we ask that these are individually wrapped items or individual cakes rather than home-made or cakes which need cutting up. If you’re in any doubt please ask your child’s class teacher.

All pupils will return to full uniform.


I know this is a lot of information to take on board. Staff will be present on Monday to help direct you and answer any questions you have. We are really looking forward to having all the children back and hopefully heading in the direction of some normaility returning. Please contact us before Monday if you are unclear about this information or have any questions.


We look forward to seeing you soon,


Mrs Herbert



Oasis Academy Harpur Mount